Updated: 23rd April 2018

You Missed Something In Those New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photos

Few things are as great as knowing something before youre supposed to. Its the same feeling you get from yelling atSteve on Blues Clues about what the clues actually mean. Hes giving you that blank stare, not because hes actually staring into a camera lens and cant hear you, but because youre a total boss.

Jon Snow will never have that feeling. Jon Snow knows nothing. However,we might know something new about him and where Game of Thronesis going. Its all because of this photo:

All men must read way too into this.

After HBO released Season 7 photos, including this one of Sam and Gilly, fans have been frantically trying to decode what Gilly is reading.

Now, apparently, they have.

As reported by Game of Thrones fan site Winter is Coming, Redditor itsjayrrpointed out that the page seems to be out of George R.R. Martins book The World of Ice &Fire, which tells the history of Westeros. The passage talks about Azor Ahai,the person whos supposed to save everyone.

See it here:

Upon our own inspection, it does seem like key words in the image do match up with the text from the book.

On the page from The World of Ice &Fire, we hear aboutThe Long Night, a time when winter supposedly lasted for a generation. Then, a hero known as Azor Ahai came along to help rid the land of the White Walkers. A prophecy tells of the return of Azor Ahai, sometimes used interchangeably with the term The Prince That Was Promised. Either way, this legendary character is seen as the person who will ultimately save Westeros.

The paragraph further emphasizes the importance of the prophecy within the Game of Thrones universe and makes us wonder: who will be Azor Ahai?

Is it Dany? Is it Jon Snow? Someone else? The debate can go on and on.

Kit Haringtontold HuffPost that he didnt care if his character, Jon Snow, is the Prince or not, which is probably for the best. If the page Gillys perusing is from The World of Ice &Fire, Snow has bigger problems.

Something is coming toGame of Thrones,and it aint winter …

Its Ice Spiders.

Oh what a tangled ice web we weave …

Following the revelation about the book, we checked out our own copy of The World of Ice &Fire.

When you look at the specific section of text, its easy to notice that the rest of the page has a reference to the White Walkers using giant ice spiders. Theres even a picture of White Walkers with the spiders. If the book Gilly is using is some version of The World of Ice &Fire, continued reading will reveal the same.

Giant ice spiders have already been mentioned on the show. Old Nan told Bran about them back in Season 1, saying the White Walkers spiders were as big as hounds.

Are the spiders coming? Time will tell.

But, yeah, duh, why not?

If this book on the show is being looked to as fact, Sam and Gilly better hope they have Hagrid from Harry Potter coming to help. That dude loves spiders. Ron will probably want to stay home.

Ice spiders are coming.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16.

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