Updated: 20th April 2018

Why a FOIA Request Probably Wont Release Obamas Game of Thrones DVDs

In the battle between the Freedom of Information Act and Game of Thrones, GoT is likely to win.


President Obama is the only non-HBO employee on Earth who has access to Game of Thrones Season Six. One journalist is trying to change thatbut its a serious long shot.

Vanessa Golembewski, a writer for Refinery29, filed a Freedom of Information request last Thursday to have the presidents advance DVDs released to the public. And the request has made progressits now made it from the Submitted stage to Evaluation, according to FOIAs website.

Sadly, even Golembewski herself has little hope the petition will work.

That means a real-life person is looking at it and either having the best or worst day of her life, she wrote after noticing the Evaluation status. "I am one step closer to what is bound to be an epic rejection letter."

Why such low expectations? The reason is in the Freedom of Information Act itself. Among the laws exemptions is a trade secret or privileged or confidential commercial or financial information. And since the GoT season is a commercial product that HBO could reasonably call privileged, a FOIA request is unlikely to break through.

The other problem is that FOIA requests take a long time121 days on average, according to one expert who spoke to the Poynter Instituteand the new Game of Thrones episodes will begin airing this Sunday.

On the plus side, the new GoT episodes will begin airing this Sunday.

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