Updated: 20th April 2018

Watch The First Teaser For Game Of Thrones, Season Seven

Okay, we might have a while to wait yet, but HBO have released a teaser for GOT season seven, letting us know that things are progressing nicely…

Celebrating the fact that they’ve gone into production, this two-minute teaser shows various members of the crew starting to unpack the set, hand out the scripts and build new props.

It also includes dialogue from season six, focusing on some of the bigger plot points and twists from the last few episodes, that we’ll surely be revisiting come season seven.

We’ve got the torture chamber that Cersei lockedSepta Unella in, a reminder that Ramsay told Sansa that she could never really kill him, and Tyrion Lannister welcoming his “Queen” (Daenerys) home.

It’s got our hairs standing on end, and we’re feeling pretty disappointed that we’ll have to wait until next summer 2017 to see season seven.

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Image Credits: HBO

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