Updated: 19th April 2018

Want to know more about Westeros? George R.R. Martin has a new ‘Game of Thrones’ story for you

If you’re holding your breath until The Winds of Winter is finished, welp – you’re going to have to keep holding (sorry).

George R.R. Martin, though still not finished with the sixth installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, has graciously thrown us a tiny bone with a new Game of Thrones story coming out this year.

The author’s new story – a never-before-released history of Westeros – will be appearing in a new anthology book: The Book of Swords.

The GoT creator’s story titled The Sons of the Dragon, is one of sixteen stories in the book, and tells the historyofAenys I Targaryen and Maegor the Cruel, the second and third Targaryenkings to rule from the Iron Throne.

Compiled of material that went unused from Martin’s writing of The World of Ice and Fire, the story follows the two sons of Aegon the Conqueror, Aenys and Maegor – who were complete opposites. Aenys was a thoughtful and wise ruler but Maegor – as his name suggests – was cruel, and demonstrated it during a prolonged conflict with the Faith of the Seven and the Faith Militant.

According to Martin, the story will read more like a history than a narrative style story – and if we know anything about this author, there will be a lot of information packed into this one.

The Book of Swords will be released on Oct. 10 and is already available for pre-order here.

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