Updated: 20th April 2018

Tyrion’s Talk With Cersei Proves He’s The Hero We All Need On ‘Game Of Thrones’

This post contains spoilers from the  Season 7 finale. The  “Dragon Pit council” in this season’s finale was conceived with one idea in mind: for Jon Snow to bring back a wight and prove to all and sundry the truth of the danger beyond the Wall. But showing off a wight wasn’t enough. And after a long tense stand off, it turned out Dany’s Hand was invaluable, as Tyrion convinces Cersei to join the war.

Quite a few fans pointed out last week how harebrained the entire endeavor north of the Wall was. So harebrained in fact, one wonders whether or not Tyrion really meant for Snow & Co to return successfully, or if this was his quiet way of removing a growing distraction. Either way, it no longer matters. Jon and company arrived back, thanks to Dany, with the wight, and proved to everyone — even Tyrion — that they exist.

But that wasn’t enough. Cersei was certainly flustered by the truth staring her in the face. But she was only going into this war if she was assured of having the upperhand once they came out the other side. With Jon keeping his promise to bend the knee to Daenerys as soon as his knees worked again, that was not in the cards.


As far as Cersei saw it, she was giving up the Lannister army, and Jaime, to go fight something that would simply leave her more shorthanded when they got back to what she views as “the real war at hand.” Not good enough.


But just as everything seemed to be lost, Tyrion stepped up. After all the bumbling and failed plans, he decided to listen to Dany, and proved himself worthy as her Hand of the Queen. Instead of doing nothing, he followed Cersei out of the Dragon Pit and faced her down in her chambers, knowing she could easily have him murdered.


Not only did Tyrion’s negotiation instincts come in handy here, as he argued Cersei into a corner, but his drinking did too. Cersei who loves alcohol as much as he does, was not drinking. Combine that with a thoughtless hand-on-stomach moment, and Tyrion had the lever he needed to convince Cersei to agree to join the fight.

Making sure the next generation of Lannisters would have a world to survive in.


Looks like drinking and knowing things is still a viable way to live in Westeros. Someone pour that man a goblet of wine. He earned it.


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