Updated: 20th April 2018

This Weeks Game Of Thrones Had Another Huge Reveal


Another week, another big reveal, they are coming thick and fast this season and something tells me we have plenty more to come. This week’s episode picked of where last week’s left off, with Bran Stark and Meera Reed desperately fleeing the White Walkers.

Things weren’t looking so hot to be honest, the Walkers were closing in and a violent and savage death seemed only moments away. But then a mysterious, cloaked figure came out of nowhere swinging from the hips and saved the day. That figure was revealed to be Benjen Stark, Bran’s long lost uncle.

You could be forgiven for wondering who the hell Benjen Stark is, his last appearance came way back in the third episode of the very first season, when he rode north of the wall and vanished. That little teaser has been hanging there ever since. Until now.

Benjen joined the Night’s Watch after his brother, Ned Stark, inherited Winterfell, and he went on to become the First Ranger. We have seen a much younger version of him in some of Bran’s recent flashbacks, and now, with the most recent development, we seem to be seeing a much ‘deader’ version of him.

The last we saw of him was when he set off north of the wall to investigate rumours of wildling and White Walker activity. Benjennever returned, but his horse did, riderless.

So what happened to him? We found out in this week’s episode that he was killed by the White Walkers and reanimated via the Children of the Forest’s magic, with the aid of some dragonglass. So, he’s not exactly alive, he’s not a wight or White Walker. He’s something…

Those who have read the books will be familiar with ‘Coldhands,’ a character in the third book who, wearing a Night’s Watch cloak, showed up to rescue Sam and Gilly as they fled from the wights. Many fans believe that this is the TV adaptions version of Coldhands, which would be a fresh deviation from the books as George R. R Martin has flat out denied that Coldhands is Benjen, even to his editor.

What does the future have in store for Benjen? He seems destined to protect Bran as he tries to get up to speed with all of that knowledge he just acquired from the Three-Eyed-Raven.

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