Updated: 20th April 2018

This New Theory About American Horror Story Season Six Could Have Nailed It

The sixth season of American Horror Story is set to premiere in mid-September, andwe still know hardly a thing about it.

Ryan Murphy revealed that it would involve children in some way (vague), and then last month, the logo was released:

Even vaguer…

But, while these two meagre details have left us scratching our collective heads and wondering if it might have something to do with – I don’t know – a school? – the guys over at Pop Sugar have actually come up with a pretty good theory.

This will be season six, and the logo (suitably enough, a number 6) was released in June, the sixth month. Maybe all these sixes are a subtle hint that the upcoming season will be about the Antichrist (666)?

If you think about it, this themewould also fit in with Murphy’s tip that season six would feature kids in some way. Cast your minds back to season one for a minute (and if you haven’t watched it, and are planning to, then be warned that you’re about to encounter some spoilers), and you’ll remember that we’ve encountered the Antichrist in AHS before.

Vivien Harmon became pregnant with twins – one of which was fathered by her husband Ben, and the other of which was the product of her rape by Tate Langdon (Evan Peters).

Now, there’s various hints that this second babyis the Antichrist. Medium Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) warns that the unnatural union between a human and a spirit will enable the Antichrist to come to Earth, and thenan ultrasound technician spot horns on Vivien’s scan.

Once he’s born, and this baby (Michael) is being raised by his grandmother Constance (Jessica Lange), he even murders his babysitter. And if that’s not Antichrist behaviour, then I don’t know what is…

Ryan Murphy loves bringing back old characters, and he loves creating connections between seasons, so maybe we’ll see Michaelback for season six?

It’s a solid theory, and a theme that would make for a great season.

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H/T Pop Sugar

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