Updated: 19th April 2018

This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Said TV’s ‘Lack Of Diversity’ Hurt Her Self-Esteem As A Child

Actress Nathalie Emmanuel recently opened up about the damaging nature of seeing predominantly white casts on television while growing up.

In an interview with Hunger magazine, the Game of Thrones star, who is half Dominican said that she didnt see people who reflected her racial identity during her childhood.

For me, when I was growing up, not seeing anyone on television that looked like me or that I could identify with was really hard, and that can affect someones self-esteem hugely,Emmanuel — who plays Missandei, a translator on “Game of Thrones”– told Hunger.

Emmanuel, who also played Ramsey, a computer hacker in Fast and Furious 7 lauded the movies casting for its exemplary diversity. But where the rest of the Hollywood whose diversity issue was bought to light in 2016 during the #OscarsSoWhite controversy is concerned, she said that despite the attempts at diverse casting, she doesnt know how long-standing these efforts will be.

Will it be that they just do the one film and then it goes back? she questioned. If you go up for anything, you know there is always a cast of people and a small number of them are [from] a minority.

The majority of the cast will be white with a few roles from a different ethnicity. Ultimately thats not the world we live in, she said.

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