Updated: 23rd April 2018

The week’s best TV: American Horror Story and High Maintenance

The anthology horror show returns with a secretive new concept, while High Maintenance makes the leap from the web to HBO


High Maintenance

This is one of the best shows in years, and now its finally on TV. Created by husband-and-wife duo Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, High Maintenance is a critically acclaimed web series about a pot dealer (Sinclair) who goes around New York City dispensing his wares. Each episode features the story of one of his oddball clients, who are always looking to puff for very different reasons.

HBO gave Blichfeld and Sinclair a bigger budget and platform so that even more people could experience these hilarious, touching, insightful, surprising, and totally amazing slices of life. New viewers dont have to catch up on old episodes to enjoy the show, but theyre all available on HBO Go for those who get hooked after their first dose. See, its just like drugs. HBO, Friday 16 September at 11pm ET.

Sixty-eighth primetime Emmy awards

Can they beat Veep? Game of Thrones, Mr Robot, The People v OJ Simpson and Better Call Saul. Composite: AMC, FX, Getty Images & HBO

Yes, its that time of year again when you find out that your favorite show isnt going to get an award because Veep stole them all. Jimmy Kimmel hosts as everyone on TV tries to pretend that its just as exciting as the Oscars. It kind of is. ABC, Sunday 18 September at 7pm ET.


American Ninja Warrior

Hanging around: Josh Levin in American Ninja Warrior. Photograph: NBC/Getty Images

You know summers over when the kids are back in school and we have to say goodbye to Americas favorite obstacle-course show. (Sorry, Wipeout.) Tune in to see if anyone can conquer the four-stage Mount Midoriyama, which was only toppled for the first time last year. Potential winners include stuntwoman Jessie Graff, the first woman ever to finish stage one. NBC, Monday 12 September at 8pm ET.

Returning shows

American Horror Story

This year Ryan Murphy and company are being even more secretive about what the story will be for the sixth season of this anthology fright fest. Theyre not even sending out screeners to the press, which either means they want to shock everyone for the premiere or this season is stinkier than Lady Gagas meat dress after four days out of the refrigerator. Reports say that its going to be about the lost colony of Roanoke, which would be pretty interesting and would keep with the pattern of previous seasons being set in the past. Either way, well be watching, even if it is through our fingers. FX, Wednesday 14 September at 10pm ET.

Documentary Now!

Bill Hader and Fred Armisens parody of Grey Gardens was one of the most genius things on television last year. Theyre back with six more episodes, in which they do hilarious send-ups of some of the most famous documentaries of all time, including The War Room, the 1993 movie about Bill Clintons first presidential campaign. Funny and timely! Its like these two never left SNL. IFC, Wednesday 14 September at 10pm ET.

New to streaming


Following its ripping success with Catastrophe, Amazon is back with another edgy UK show about horrible people. All six 30-minute episodes aired across the pond in August, and the Guardians Stuart Heritage gave the show a glowing review. Its a squalid little story of a life gone wrong. The lead character owns a cafe that terminally haemorrhages cash. Her boyfriend keeps leaving her thanks to her habit of masturbating to Barack Obama speeches, and she fills the void with meaningless sexual encounters with objectively terrible people, he wrote. Sounds just like my kind of show. Amazon, Friday 16 September.


Its hard to improve on a classic, but this History Channel remake of the beloved miniseries does just that. TV critic Dave Schilling points out that everything from the acting, effects, production design, and even the cockfighting scenes has been dramatically improved, even though the remake didnt have quite the killer ratings as the 1977 original starring LeVar Burton. In case you missed it, now the whole thing is available for you to watch at your leisure. Look, even being able to watch it on streaming is an improvement. Hulu, Thursday 15 September.

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