Updated: 20th April 2018

The tiny hint in that new ‘Game of Thrones’ dragon photo you may have missed

Oh my Drogon, what big teeth you have.
Image: hbo

By now you’ve almost certainly seen the new Game of Thrones Season 7 photos that Entertainment Weekly released on Monday.

In all the excitement of seeing just how damn gigantic Drogon has gotten, though, it’s possible you missed one tiny background clue.

Here’s the photo of Daenerys on the back of her mighty dino steed:

If you look past Drogon into the bottom-left of that image, though, you can see two men locked in the middle of a battle.

And if you go in for that sweet, sweet zoom, as Redditor imtechpro has done, you can get a pretty big clue as to who’s fighting whom:

Yep: the guy on the left is clearly wielding a Dothraki weapon, while the soldiers on the right appear to be dressed in the red and silver uniforms worn by the Lannisters.

Here’s a Lannister soldier for comparative purposes.

Image: hbo

Obviously you can’t 100% tell from that photo it’s slightly distant and blurry, after all but Lannisters would make the most sense, wouldn’t they?

If Daenerys has landed on Dragonstone, it’s possible that there would be a small troop of pesky Lannisters she’d have to clear out of the way before making herself comfortable. Or maybe the soldiers above are part of a small, expeditionary force sent out by Cersei to see what she’s up against?

One thing’s for certain: we really, really wouldn’t want to be the Lannisters who are waiting on Dragonstone when Drogon’s shadow swoops overheard.

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