Updated: 23rd April 2018

The tiny clue you probably missed in this new ‘Game of Thrones’ photo

That's a nice looking sword, Jamie. Where did you get it?
Image: hbo/mashable composite

When it comes to new Game of Thrones promos, terrifyingly in-depth analysis is pretty much a long-standing tradition.

Costumes, facial expressions, writing in the hunt for sweet, sweet clues, no detail can be left unexamined.

After the last Season 7 video tease someone even analysed the reflections in the eye of a White Walker. If that isn’t dedication then frankly we don’t know what is.

The latest set of Season 7 photos are no exception. After the way things were left with Cersei and Jamie at the end of Season 6 there’s plenty you could read into the image below of them side-by-side.

But there’s one detail in particular we wanted to draw your attention to.

That shiny hilt looks sort of familiar, doesn’t it?

Image: hbo/mashable composite

Yep: as eagle-eyed Redditor xpbso pointed out, that sword looks familiar.

Let’s go in for a close up:

Recognise it yet?

Image: hbo/mashable composite

It’s a bit blurry, but you can clearly make out the red jewel and the golden bands that circle the hilt.

And unless we’re wildly mistaken, that isn’t just any old sword we’ve seen it before:

The shape, the red jewel and the gold bands are all the same.

Image: hbo

That last screenshot is from Joffrey’s wedding day in Season 4, and the sword is Widow’s Wail the Valyrian forged blade he uses to hack up the book Tyrion gives him as a gift. According to its Wikipedia fandom page, that sword hasn’t been seen since Joffrey’s death.

So why is it significant?

Well by now HBO knows the extent to which we pick these promos apart. Surely no detail, however small, makes it into the promotional material by accident.

So here’s what we’ve got: Jamie standing next to Cersei with a hard-to-fathom expression on his face, in possession of a blade which hasn’t been seen for two seasons, which just so happens to be named “Widow’s Wail”.

An early clue that he’ll be using that sword to bring about Cersei’s demise? We’ll have to wait and see…

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