Updated: 20th April 2018

The Logo For American Horror Story: Season Six Has Been Revealed

We’ve got no idea what American Horror Story: Season Six has in store for us, and the logo – just released by FX – has left us with more questions than answers.


A number “6” fashioned into a question mark, the new logo has got people thinking that season six might be themed around mystery, uncertainty or confusion.

And, while we realise thatit’s all stillpretty vague, it’s more to go on than we’ve had so far. Speaking about season six, Ryan Murphy has only revealed that children will be in some way involved, and that it’ll be predominately set in the present:

“Its set in the present although with echoes of the past.Its set in two time periods but principally in the present.

Maybe something to do with some sort of school? That would incorporate children and questions?

Have to got any thoughts as to what this might mean? Let us know in the comments!

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