Updated: 24th April 2018

The Head Of FX Just Dropped Some Spoilers About American Horror Story: Season Six

American Horror Story: Hotel has only just finished, and already we’re looking forward to whatever season six might bring.

And, thanks to John Landgraf – head of FX – we now have some ideas as to what it is we can expect.

Although he’s admitted that Ryan Murphy would kill him if he “teased anything”, Landgraf has revealed that the next season will take place across two time periods – that it would be “set in the present”, but would also have “echoes of the past”.

This sounds pretty similar to Coven, in which the majority of the action was ‘set in the present’, but we also gotto see ‘echoes of the past’ – what Madame Delphine had been up to in the 1830s…

Or, flipping it the other way around, it’s also like Asylum, in which the majority of the story took place in the past, but then we got ‘echoes of the present’, as we sawwhat a grown-up Lana Winters was up to, and what had happened to her and Bloody Face’s regrettableson.

We also know that Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange (who we have seriously missed in Hotel) are all hoping to star in the next season.

It shouldn’tbe too long until we get to hear the title of AHS: 6, but until then, it’s anyone’s guess what the setting will be..

Anybody have any ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits: Nerd Wiki, Villains Wikia, Celebrity Auction, Variety

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