Updated: 19th April 2018

Someone Deciphered Sansas Letter From Game Of Thrones

Spoilers! If you didn’t watch the most recent episode of Game of Thrones (or if you did, but don’t want to know what Sansa was writing in that letter), then leave now.

Right. Sansa Stark and Jon Snow are waging war against the Boltons, but with a pretty depleted army, it’s risky.

Jon managed to get his wildlings on side,and then Davos Seaworth persuaded Lyanna Mormont to pledge 62 of her Mormont men, but the other Northern houses were less willing to join the good fight.

While Jon felt brave enough to fight the (superior) Bolton army with just this motley crew, Sansa was less convinced that they could win, and so sent for help.

She sneakedoff to write a letter, but to who?

Our best glimpse of the letter is it upside down, butthat was enough for (very talented) reddit user, CreepyPancakes.

Flipping this letter so it’s the right way up, and then enhancing the words, they’ve managed to work out what Sansa was writing and, more significantly, who she seemed to be writing to:

You might have guessed it, but now it’s confirmed. Sansa was writing to Littlefinger, asking him to “ride north for Winterfell” with his Knights of the Vale.

There’s not much doubt that Baelish will do exactly what she wants, not least because he’s got somewhat of a thing for Sansa (remember when he kissed her?!).

There’s also the fact that Littlefinger likes to be on the winning side, and there’s little doubt in our minds that Sansa and Jon are going to defeat the Boltons.

The Starks need a win, and we think this will be it.

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