Updated: 20th April 2018

Someone created ‘Game of Thrones’ Red Keep with Lego


Weve seen plenty of impressive Lego builds bring fictional castles and buildings to life, but the upgrade to the home of Game of Thrones Iron Throne might just be the most impressive yet.

Bricks Creations Claus-Marc Hahn used 125,000 Lego blocks and spent approximately 800 hours building the Red Keep, and it might have a leg up on the original. While Aegon the Conquerors version is a lot bigger in scale, Hahns rendition of the Red Keep moves with the help of four EV3 motors.

It almost reminds us of a certain shows opening credits.

Hahn originally shared a videoof his latest masterpiece on his YouTube channel on March 19, but it spread after Beyond the Bricks reshared it over the weekend. And as the video demonstrates, the castle is only the beginning as plenty of familiar Game of Thrones characters are visible within the creation.

You can see more photos of the Red Keep on Bricks Creations Facebook page.

Der Bergfried in Zahlen:-125.000 Teile (z.B.: 18.000 2×4 Bricks, 9.000 1×2 plates in dark orange)-4 Stück EV3-16…

Posted by BricksCreations on Sunday, March 19, 2017

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