Updated: 20th April 2018

Snoop Dogg Talks Donald Trump, Game of Thrones, and Coach Snoop

The Daily Beasts Marlow Stern sat down with the legendary rapper in his smoke-filled trailer to discuss his new AOL show, favorite TV series, and the 2016 presidential election. “>

From his recently revived label Doggy Style Records and the weed delivery startup Eaze to the cannabis company Leafs By Snoop and a bevy of X-rated films, Snoop Dogg has more side hustles than Rushmores Max Fischer. The legendary rappers latest venture is Coach Snoop, an AOL reality series that chronicles his work as commissioner and coach for the Snoop Youth Football Leaguea non-profit organization that teaches inner-city kids ages 5-13 the values of teamwork, industriousness, and academic achievement, churning out several future NFL stars along the way.

Following a rain-soaked performance at New Yorks South Street Seaport as part of AOLs NewFront presentation, where Snoop regaled a cast of thousands with hits like Gin and Juice and Drop It Like Its Hot, the sinewy 44-year-old emcee has sought refuge in his sizeable trailer. Upon entering, I notice that Snoop is blunt-lessthe rough equivalent of seeing Bono without his sunglasses, or Donald Trump sans Oompa Loompa spray tanand mention that the last time we spoke, he was sporting a rastacap and going by the moniker Snoop Lion.

He leans back in his chair and yells to the back of the trailer: Matter of fact, if they can bring that muthafuckin blunt up here we may have Snoop Lion! Snoop shakes his head. Niggas back there runnin a 4 x 400 relay with the muthafucka!

A woman emerges from the mystery back room, handing Snoop a freshly rolled blunt.

Do you have a rolling team back there? I ask him.

I got a smokin team back there! he exclaims. I thought I had a rollin team back there, but these niggas just back there smokin! Snoop leans back in his chair even further this time, shouting to the rear: You know we do sell this shit!

Someone in Snoops entourage blurts out, I just quit smokin yesterday, quoting the hip-hop stars famous line from the stoner flick Half Baked.

I just quit smokin yesterday what movie is that? asks Snoop, exhaling a cloud of smoke. Half Baked! I tell him. You were the scavenger-smoker. Great cameo.

He chuckles. That was hot, wasnt it? Man, I just quit smokin yesterday!

With all due respect to Half Baked and his scene-stealing turn as Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch, Snoops greatest comedy performance was his 5-minute stand-up set during the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump back in 2011.

Donald say he wants to run for president and move on into the White House, said Snoop. Why not? It wouldnt be the first time you pushed a black family out of their home.

The crowd ate it up. I mention the set to him, and he grins from ear to ear. They were like, Snoop could be a fuckin comedian! he says.

Snoop endorsed libertarian Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election before switching his allegiance to Obama in the general. But now that the 2016 race is in full swing, and with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the presumptive nominees, Snoop says hes agnostic.

On the election tip, I dont really have one [candidate], he says. Ive been following lightly, but I dont have a favorite. Either or. Him or her. I dont really care because I dont think theyre going to affect me as much as Im going to affect them. Presidents only matter when they have a pulse on whats going on in the world, and Im always a part of the heartbeat of the world. Obama had me come up [to the White House] and do my thing and whatnot, so I feel like Ill be able to go up there and help whoever better the world.

He pauses his train of thought to take a deep pull from the blunt. Somebody has to be the connection to the people, and one thing about Snoop is hes loved everywhere, so in some of these places where they dont have no relationships or understanding, I have great understanding. Maybe they need to use people like myself to be the connection to the political misunderstanding.

But how do you feel about Trump? I ask him.

I mean, I dont dislike him, says Snoop. I like some of the shit hes done and he do, but I dont agree with a lot of the shit that he says, so I have mixed emotions when it comes to him. He says a lot of shit where you go, OK, that makes sense, and then he says a lot of shit where go, Damn, that makes no sense, so I dont really get him. Im not a fan and not a hater.

Last year, Snoop took a questionnaire we sent him about his then-favorite show, HBOs Game of Thrones. So how does he feel about that big Jon Snow reveal?

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We knew, he offers. We knew what we were gonna see. With shows today, what season is this? Sixth? The writing team changed or something went wrong. You can tell. Something failed behind the scenes. But its a great show still.

I cant wait for Power to come back, he adds. Im a fan of that shit. And theres this show called Peaky Blinders. I fucks with that! Those are my two favorite shows, man.

I tell Snoop that, in my opinion, Peaky Blinders really picked up in Season 2 with the addition of Tom Hardy, which prompts him to give me a high-five.

[Tom Hardy] gave it that shit, man, he says. I love the way that its written, I love the fuckin rock n roll music thats playing when shit be happening, the look, the era, and the believability of it. I believe that shit really happened and that this story could possibly be drawn from a real experience, not some made-up Hollywood shit.

Puff. Exhale. I like gangsta shit thats real, and I know its real because I met the writer and director [Steven Knight], and chopped it up with him over about 47 beers, and found out that thats his familys life story, continues Snoop. Hes a bad muthafucka, man. Hes a bad muthafucka. I may have to catch him and Snoop Dogg on something soon.

The show Snoop is most excited about, though, is Coach Snoop, which premieres May 19 on AOL. It comes courtesy of Rory Karpf, who helmed the ESPN miniseries Snoop & Son, about his mentor-mentee relationship with his son, Cordell Broadus, who earned a football scholarship to UCLA before quitting to study filmonly to return to the gridiron.

I never really wanted to put no attention or cameras on it because I do it out of loveI love serving these kids and helping them become somethingbut [Karpf] felt we should document it, says Snoop. To get it sold was hard. People kept telling us, We dont get it, but after we shot it we took it to AOL and they said theyd pay for it and help us get the message out about what this show stands for.

During Snoops AOL NewFront performance, he welcomed Wiz Khalifa onstage, calling him a brother from another mother before launching into Young, Wild and Free. The two are about to embark on The High Road tour, spanning 33 dates across the U.S. and Canada.

Hes that era that grew up with the Snoop Dogg, and the Snoop Dogg is very influential, but at the same time he has his own uniqueness about what he says and what he does, Snoop says of choosing Wiz as his tourmate. He dont sound like me, he dont rap like me, our topics are similar at times, but hes a different type of artist than Snoop Dogg, and thats why I feel like I can work with him and connect with him, because were similar but were different. He brings some stuff to the table that I dont have, and I bring some stuff to the table that he dont have, and together we cookin up some gumbosome gangsta gumbo.

How much weed is going to be on that tour bus? I ask him.

Lord have mercy! he screams in a Jamaican accent.

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