Updated: 19th April 2018

Prepare yourself, ‘Game of Thrones’ may premiere in July

Winter is coming in… July?
Image: HBO

We don’t know the exact premiere date for Game of Thrones Season 7 yet and we won’t, until HBO is ready to make an official announcement but one of the actors might have inadvertently given us a clue during a recent interview.

“I’ve been disappointing various people around the world because it was meant to come out in April. It’s July now, I think,” said Liam Cunningham during an interview with the Irish Independent newspaper.

Given how secretive everyone involved in the series is, it’s probably just as well the show only has one season left, or such talk would probably be grounds for a meeting with the Mountain. (Or perhaps Ser Davos is destined for a sticky end in Season 7 and that’s why Cunningham isn’t afraid of spilling the beans anymore?)

“There’s going to be a launch and something special happening this year for the premiere. The bad news is, there will only be seven episodes and the final season starts [filming] again as far as I know in September,” Cunningham added.

A July premiere could coincide with the show’s annual appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, which often includes major cast members and executive producers. Usually the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel takes place a month after the show has finished airing when details about the next season are still sparse, but a panel that takes place within a few weeks or days of the Season 7 premiere would certainly provide an extra jolt of hype at the gigantic pop culture convention.

HBO previously announced that the show had been pushed back from its usual April premiere date to summer, since production on Season 7 started later than usual to allow the series to make use of the wintery weather in its European filming locations.

And there’s good reason to be excited about Season 7, according to the stars. “Im just in awe of how everybodys managing to fit as much as there is into seven episodes, because it doesnt necessarily feel like a normal season, it feels bigger,” Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) recently told Mashable. “It doesnt feel like a panic, but Im panicked for people. I think, and this is true of Season 6, you can feel that things are coming to a close. Its all getting a bit much. The shows kind of like a pressure cooker … Its just absolute chaos.”

Whether the show returns in July or later, it can’t come soon enough.

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