Updated: 19th April 2018

People Are Coming Up With Insane Theories About Arya On ‘Game Of Thrones’


OK, OK, OK, OK, before we start, just know there are massive spoilers below. If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Game of Thrones then you should exit this page now, leave work, go home, watch Game of Thrones and then reopen this page.

Why did you open a page about “GoT” the day after new “GoT” without the expectation it would be ruined for you? I don’t know. You make your own life decisions, I’m just here to give you a chance to rectify your personal self-destructive tendencies.

Let’s be real: It’s been a lackluster “GoT” season.

Someone needed to say it. Everything just seems to be dragging HARD with the occasional crazy plot twist here and there. For every amazing scene, like Khaleesi burning all the Dothraki leaders alive or Hodor holding the door, there are multiple long periods where effing nothing happens and it sucks.

However, last night’s episode really picked up the pace and laid the groundwork for what we all know is going to be an insane last quarter of the season. Ian McShane being introduced and then killed was insane. The Hound making his triumphant return was insane. That bratty child who bitched out Jon Snow was insane.

Everything was amazing.

Although, nothing was more insane than Arya getting stabbed by the Waif. I cried. You cried. We all cried. Luckily, we were all relieved at the end when she was revealed to still be alive.

What comes next for the girl with no name who recently got her name back? LET THE FAN THEORIES BEGIN!


Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

Maybe this is all one big play directed by Arya?

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

I mean, this all makes sense.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

This would be an insane powerplay.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

One thing is for sure, the theories that Arya was the Waif are pretty much dead now.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

Arya is one conspiring lil’ genius.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

F*ck the Waif.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

It couldn’t have been strategic pigs blood packets…

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

Even though Arya knew she would be stomach stabbed and not throat slitted.

Comment from discussion [EVERYTHING] Arya….

I need a nap n’ cry.

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