Updated: 25th April 2018

Office wins company Halloween costume contest with epic ‘Game of Thrones’ photoshoot

Image: K+O Photo / Mashable composite

Office competitions (sanctioned and unsanctioned) can become pretty fierce as fierce as the battle for the Seven Kingdoms, you might say.

And for the customer relations team at Go Ahead Tours, the company-wide Halloween costume contest is a pretty big deal.

In years prior, the team has dressed as characters from Orange is the New Black and Harry Potter, and to defend the Iron Throne their title for the third year running, they pulled together a Game of Thrones photoshoot that is truly epic.

Behold: Hallowinteriscoming:

The team begins work on the costumes beginning in August.

Image: k+o photo

Assistant manager of the customer relations team Katie Karlberg moonlights as a photographer, and each year she documents the team’s ornate costumes. She told Mashable, “We vote on a theme, then cast who will play which character.

“Most of us spend those two months gathering pieces of our costumes and putting it together. This year, a group of us spent the whole week before Halloween cutting and spray-painting pieces of cardboard to create our ‘Iron Throne.'”

Check out more of our favorite looks below:

Ygritte and Jon Snow.

Image: K+O Photo

A White Walker and one of the Children of the Forest, Leaf.

Image: K + O Photo

A couple of dire wolves and a dragon.

Image: k+o Photo

Renly Baratheon andMargaery Tyrell.

Image: k+o photo

Ellaria Sand and Prince Oberyn Martell.

Image: K+O Photo

Khaleesi andMissandei.

Image: k+O photo

Cersei Lannister andSepta Unella.

Image: k+o photo

Tormund Giantsbane and Osha.

Image: k+O photo

Lord Varys andBrienne of Tarth.

Image: k+0 Photo

Yara Greyjoy and PrincessShireen Baratheon.

Image: K+O Photo

And we thought our office was wild mad props, folks.

To check out more of the team’s costumes, check out the full photo gallery here.

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