Updated: 23rd April 2018

Nine Celebrities That You Forgot Appeared In American Horror Story

With just a day to go until American Horror Story hits UK screens, we’ve taken a look back at the seasons past, and our favourite guest stars.

Check them out:

Neil Patrick Harris

Appearing for a few episodes in Freak Show, Neil Patrick Harris played Chester Creb – a magician and ventriloquist hired to warm up the crowd. He quickly enlisted conjoined twins Dot and Bette (Sarah Paulson) to act as his assistant, and shortly after that, began sleeping with them.

We quickly learnt, however, that Chester was clearly in a psychotic state, and believed that his ventriloquist dummy Marjorie was real, and was telling him to kill people… This obviously made him a risk to the other freaks, and one person met avery gruesome end at his hands…

Eric Stonestreet

In Murder House, Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet played one of Ben Harmon’s patients (Derrick) – a man paralysed by his fear of urban legends, and more specificallythe “Piggy Man”.

A butcher from 1893, the Piggy Man was ripped to shreds by his pigs after spending years slaughtering them while wearing a creepy pig mask.The legendgoes that if youlook into a mirror and repeat a specific mantra (“here piggy pig, pig”)the Piggy Man will appear and slaughter you.

It’s the kind of urban legend that kids tell each other to scare each other, and so Ben encouraged Derrick to repeat the mantra in his bathroom mirror, to prove to himself nothing was going to happen. He worked up the courage to do it, and of course no Piggy Man appeared, but unfortunately violent, armed robbers – who had been hiding behind the shower curtain – did….

Mena Suvari

Another Murder House guest star, Mena Suvari played the real life Elizabeth Short – a woman who was found mysteriously murdered, her body cut into two, in Los Angeles in 1947. To this day, her murder and mutilation remains unsolved, but AHS has it that she was killed by David Curranin the titular Murder House.

When Short came to Curranfor dental work, he anaesthetised her with nitrous oxide, and then raped her. When he tried to bring her around, he realised that he had accidentally given her an overdose, and killed her. Panicked, he dragged Elizabeth’s body down to the basement, where he came across (the ghost of) Charles Montgomery – the sadistic doctor who built the house.

Montgomery offered to help Curran hidethe body, but instead, he cut her up, claiming that he was making her “more portable”.

Ian McShane

Acting legend Ian McShane made a brief appearance in season two, playing one of the Asylum’s patients. A creepy, insane Father Christmas who went on a killing spree during the Christmas of ’62, he was deemed so dangerous by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), that he was kept permanently chained up.

The one time we saw him get close to an orderly, he bit off the poor guy’snose and upper lip… Merry Christmas, we suppose…

Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum appeared in Asylum as anewly-wed couple, spending their honeymoon consummating their marriage in “places of murder”.

Upon arriving at Briarcliff, they began to get down and dirty,but were quickly interrupted by spooky noises, indicating that they weren’t quite as alone as they thought… Investigating, Adam’s character Leo made the fatal error of sticking his arm through a hole in a door, hoping to capture on his phone whatever montrosity was inside.

He lost the phone, and the arm…

Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks appeared as a slightly fictionalised version of herself in Coven. Misty Day’s favourite singer, Steviewas invited to Miss Robichaux’s Academy in the hope that her presence wouldprompt the witch to admit that she was the supreme.

It didn’t (because Misty wasn’t the Supreme), but Stevie did sing a couple of her hits, so at least it wasn’t a wasted visit.

Max Greenfield

New Girl’s Schmidt took on the role of Gabriel – the heroin addict who comes to the Hotel for a heroin fix, but is instead raped, tormented, and then sewn into a mattress by Sally (Sarah Paulson). He eventually escapes, seeks help from John (Wes Bentley), and then is taken to the hospital.

Naomi Campbell

Playing a fashion editor, visiting the Cortez to write an article on an event taking place there, Naomi Campbell’s stay in the Hotel was to be a short one: her character was murdered by Gabriel (who was – as we’ve mentioned –sewn into her mattress).

She then joined the legions of ghosts wandering the hotel, tormenting those unlucky enough to be staying there.

We can’t wait to see which famous faces are going to pop up in season six!

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