Updated: 20th April 2018

New American Horror Story Trailer Links All Six Seasons Together

Less than a month now, until American Horror Story season six hits our screens (FX if you’re in the USA, Fox or NowTV if you’re in the UK), and we still don’t know what the theme is going to be.

A whole slew of teasers and trailers have been released, all of them pointing in different directions.

There was this alien abduction one:

Then this, which seems to be a fair warning to never go swimming.

Then we have this spooky shadow, which is a whole new class of nightmare:

The latest, dubbed Anthology, is just as enigmatic, but it does suggest that all the seasons of AHS are linked. Taking us on quite the trip down memory lane – starting with Murder House’s dreaded rubber man, and going right through to a Hotel key, impaled through a woman’s mouth – it then offers a collage (of sorts) of horrific imagery, all teasing season six.

Check it out here:

We’re no closer to being able to guess what the theme will be, but that sent shivers up our spine…

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