Updated: 20th April 2018

New American Horror Story Teaser Might Actually Reveal The Theme For Season Six

Another day, another hair-raisingly creepy American Horror Story teaser, this time showing a class of kids in a corn field.

Titled The Lesson, the 15 second promo sees the unsettling groupof students pound their desks in unison, before suddenly all looking upwards, to the sky.

Check it out here:

Now, we know that FX chief John Landgraf admitted that a good chunk of these teasers are red herrings, but we’re fairly convinced that this one is an actual clue.

Ryan Murphy admitted ages ago that children would play a part in season six, and this isn’t the first teaser that has featured kids (remember the macabre baby monitor?). Then, there’s the corn. We’ve definitely seen that before:

If we had to stake our bets, we’d say that this teaser is the real thing, which makes us even moreinterested in the fact that all the kids suddenly stare upwards.Is that a hint that we’ll be seeing aliens this year? The last time we saw little green men was way back in Asylum; maybe it’s time for the extra-terrestrial renaissance?

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Image Credits: FX

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