Updated: 20th April 2018

Maisie Williams Confirms The Return Of A Long Lost Game Of Thrones Character

Spoilers for Game of Thrones!

The sixth season of Game of Thrones is underway, and in an interview with Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw, Maisie Williams has confirmed that we can expect the return of a character we haven’t seen since season three.

When asked if we’d hear from Rickon – the youngest Stark – this season, Maisie first replied “maybe”, before confirming:

“Yes, we will indeedOh no, Im literally going to get off the air and someones going to email me!”

If you remember, the last time was saw Rickon was not longafter he and his brother Bran fled Winterfell with Hodor and Osha.

After the group encountered Meera and Jojen,Bran suggested that they split up. While he would head north of the Wall (to find the three-eyed raven) with Meera, Jojen and Hodor, he asked Osha to take his younger brother to theLast Hearth, where the Starks’ bannermen the Umbers would protect him.

We haven’t seen Rickon since, and we’re intrigued to see how they’re going to bring him back into the story.

Some are speculating that the preview of next week’s Game of Thrones could offer a clue…

Maybe the “gift” for Ramsay Bolton (who recently lost Sansa) is Rickon…

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