Updated: 25th April 2018

Lady Gaga Was Basically Unrecognisable In The New American Horror Story

American Horror Story finally hit our screens last week, and it was definitely worth the long and frustrating wait.

Boasting the most ambitious theme they’ve had in years “My Roanoke Nightmare“, season six has also returned to a primal, nail-biting, knuckles-white kind of horror, that is definitely going to be welcome among fans.

From the spooky, tense scenes that saw Shelby (Sarah Paulson) alone in the house, to the one where she ran overthe old woman, and then made the horrible mistake of chasing her into the woods, Chapter One evoked multiple comparisons to Murder House (and also to Blair Witch). And, by the looks of it, things are only going to get scarier.

Check out what we’ve got to look forward to next week:

That doesn’t look like something you’ll want to watch alone, or in the dark…

Showing Kathy Bates as some kind of crazy, human sacrifice lady, it also gives us our first glimpse of Lady Gaga:

That is a far cry from the glamorous (albeit vampire) Countess that she played in Hotel

We’ve still not seen Evan Peters, Finn Witrock,Matt Bomer or Cheyenne Jackson.

Roll on ‘Chapter Two’…

Image Credits: FX

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