Updated: 20th April 2018

Lady Gaga Just Dropped An American Horror Story Clue

It’s just four days until American Horror Story, season six premieres, and we still have no idea what the theme is.

While last year, we got actual trailers (and the opening credits were released beforehand as well), this time, each teaser has only served to confuse us more.

The cast have kept impressively quiet, with only Lady Gaga recently letting a tiny little clue slip…

In an interview with Radio One, the singer and now Golden Globe winning actress told Nick Grimshaw:

“The character Im playing this year on Horror Story, shes quite grounded. That might sound ridiculous one you see who she is, but shes very in the earth and that really helped when when I went to the studio [to record Perfect Illusion, because] I got to get into that place of feeling really connected to people.”

So she’s “quite grounded”, and “in the earth”… That could mean literally anything, but given that we’ve had lots of teasers revolving around cornfields and farmhouses, maybe Gaga is hinting that she’s playing a farmer?

In any case, “grounded” does sound quite different to The Countess – who Lady Gaga played in Hotel. That, if nothing else, lets us know that we’ll be seeing whether Gaga can actually act, or if she’s just good at playing one particular character.

To be honest, we’re counting down the days…

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Image Credits: FX

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