Updated: 26th April 2018

Lady Gaga Has Some Good News For American Horror Story Fans

She won a Golden Globe for her role as The Countess, so the news that Lady Gaga will be coming back to American Horror Story isn’t a huge surprise.

But, we wanted to have it confirmed, and confirmed it is. The singer – and now actress – revealed in an interview with z100that she will be returning to the hit horror anthology.

As of yet, we don’t know when or how, but we’d be prepared to bet that she’ll feature in the upcoming season.

There have also been rumours that fan favourite Jessica Lange will be making a triumphant return (even if it’s just a cameo), and Emma Roberts is also reportedly hoping to star again.

We’re pretty excited at the prospect of Lady Gaga appearing again – if nothing else then to find out if she’s just a one hit wonder, or if she’s a strong enough actress to play a completely different character as convincingly as she did The Countess.

Not everyone was as impressed with her performance, however, and there’ll be a few fans who won’t be as thrilled she’s coming back for more.

Are you one of them? Or are you happy that she’s coming back? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Image Credits: Pop U Love

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