Updated: 21st April 2018

Kit Harington auditioned for Daenerys, Cersei, and more before landing his ‘Game of Thrones’ role


One of the many things Game of Thrones has going for it is its fantastic cast, but it took lots and lots of auditioning for it. Some actorstested for a number of roles before being castAlfie Allen auditioned to play Jon Snow before getting the role of Theon Greyjoy.Kit Harington is no exception to that, as audition tapes courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live demonstrate.

Its hard to imagine Kit Harington as anyone but Jon Snow, but he auditioned for many of the other characters on the show, complete with costumes and fake appendages. While some of his acting choices are inspiringand he can do a mean You know nothing, Jon Snowhes clearly out of his depth with other roles. (Though he definitely gets some points for creativity for his take on a White Walker.)

The good news is that if Game of Thrones doesnt work out for Harington and Jon Snow by the end of the series, he could easily play George R.R. Martin in a biopic.

Jimmy Kimmel also attempted to slyly get Game of Thrones spoilers out of Harington, but he didnt take the bait. Considering Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) recently revealed that she was almost fired just for putting her Game of Thrones role on her CV, we can only imagine what HBO would do if Harington revealed an actual spoiler ahead of time. What are they going to do, kill him again?

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