Updated: 26th April 2018

Kanye West Is Queen Cersei In Our Game Of Thrones-Style Breakdown Of Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian’s Famous Feud!

Whether we like to believe it or not, Hollywood is a lot like

Ye and Tay’s backstory is just as convoluted as the mind of George R.R. Martin, and their Famous feud actually sort of mirrored the storyline between Queen Cersei and the High Sparrow.

So we couldn’t think of a better way to break down Kanye and Taylor’s most recent beef than using the characters of Game Of Thrones! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

So, here’s what went down. Before he released the song Famous, Yeezy actually called Taylor and gave her a heads up over referencing her in a controversial lyric.

Rather than getting upset, TayTay was actually super cool about it — even saying she’d back up the rapper if people gave him heat for the lyric!

Yes, despite their earlier disagreements, it seemed like Kanye and Taylor were on their way to becoming BFFs, just like a very similar bond formed in Westeros — when Queen Cersei joined forces with the High Sparrow.

But in each case, the alliance backfired

Smash cut to February when Kanye released The Life Of Pablo during his fashion show — and everyone went ballistic over the line in Famous!

But instead of defend the lyric like she said she would, Taylor put Ye on BLAST and condemned him for releasing a song with such a “strong misogynistic message!” Knowing his past history on the subject, Twitter gave the rapper MAJOR heat.

Things got worse when Taylor won Album of the Year at the Grammys, and took the opportunity to publicly shame Kanye for claiming ownership over her fame!

As Tay Tay’s took over with her squad of Sparrows chirping out her support, Kanye was shamed all the way back to King’s Landing (aka Kris Jenner‘s house) to gather his strength.

When all seemed lost for Cersei, her creepy sidekick Qyburn reminds her about the Wildfire hidden under King’s Landing, which would wipe out the High Sparrow and those who sided with him.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian West took the liberty of defending her husband with her own wildfire — a video of Kanye’s initial phone call with Taylor pretending to be cool with the song!

Of course, you wouldn’t expect Kim to actually POST the private video and expose the pop star, right? Then again, you also wouldn’t expect Cersei to blow up the Sept but guess what happened!?

Just like a mad Queen, Kim posted a video of the phone convo on her Snapchat — and the internet, much like King’s Landing, blew the f*ck up!!

And we all know what happened next…

Well, it looks like Kimye won this round. But will they win the great war ahead of them?

Only time will tell!

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