Updated: 20th April 2018

Just-released Game of Thrones photos hint at a huge surprise

Warning: This article contains spoilers and speculation for Game of Thrones seventh season.

HBO just released photos for the second episode of Game of Thronesseason 7, which hint at even more intrigue and tension to come in the great waras well as yet another potential reunion in the making.

The photos arrived from Winterfell in the north, Dragonstone in the east, Oldtown in the south, and somewhere in the middle. On the surface, they pin characters together, though thesemight not always be the friendliest of reunions. Even the most inconspicuous photos could lead to more questions.

Another one of Aryas companions could show up

We already suspect she might be reunited with her direwolf, Nymeria, next episode, but at some point during the episode, according to these photos, she and her horse will be stop near a door weve seen before. Arya might be at the Inn at the Crossroads. Its been featured in four previous episodes to date, and its where the four major roads inWesteros converge. It appeared in the Game of Thrones opening credits for the first time in Dragonstone, although it didnt come to life like other major locations.

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

If Arya is still heading to Kings Landing, shell almost certainly have to stop at the Inn. And who did we last see at the Inn at the Crossroads?

Thats right: Hot Pie. While weve been expecting Gendry to show up eventually, Hot Pie may have been hanging out there under the radar.

GIF via Game of Thrones/HBO

We havent seen the amateur baker since season 4 (and with Arya since season 3), but as far as we know hes still alive and baking direwolf-shaped bread. If the two do meet again, will it be a happy reunion, or will too much have changed? Will Hot Pie accidentally blow Aryas cover?

The uneasy alliances at Winterfell

The preview for Stormborn featured Lord Yohn Royce vocalizing that they cant trust the Targaryens, which could happen after Jon receives Sams letter about all of the dragonglass at Dragonstone. But based off the promotional photos, it looks like Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth might end up leaving Winterfell, leaving Sansa behind to hold the northern stronghold.

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

However, that could leave Petyr Baelish, who thrives in chaos, behind to potentially twist Sansa into distrustingfurther distrusting Jon. Brienne already felt that Baelish was overstaying his welcome, but now things appear to be coming to a head forthe King in the North and Littlefinger.

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

The background of their confrontation suggests that not only are Jon and Baelish in the crypts of Winterfell, theyre right in front of a very important grave: Lyanna Stark, Jons mother. How much Littlefinger knows about Lyannas death is still up in the air, but if anyone besidesof Ned Stark, Bran, and probably Howland Reed know, itd be Littlefinger.

Screengrab via Game of Thrones/HBO

Planning in Dragonstone

Daenerys homecoming was mostly a silent one, but now that shes settled into her new home, shes got the Seven Kingdoms to conquerand she’s not exactly starting from scratch. HerSmall Council includes figures from Casterly Rock, Highgarden, Dorne, and Pyke. Whatll be more interestingis how they plot and clashand whether they take up Yaras suggestion that Daenerys should attack now.

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

Samwell Tarly got a promotion

Maybe? Well have to see how Archmaester Embrose (Jim Broadbent) reacts to Sam going into the restricted section of the Citadels library, but for now he isnt on poop duty anymore so its a definite step up.

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

The next episode of Game of Thrones will air Sunday, July 23.

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