Updated: 26th April 2018

Incredible Game Of Thrones Supercut Tells Tyrion Lannisters Emotional Story

Of all the Game of Thrones characters, the one that I don’t think I’d be able to handle getting killed off is Tyrion Lannister. I’d have to spend a week in hiding, reminiscing by watching old episodes as I cry into a goblet of wine.

His storyline from the start has been pretty tragic. A father that hated him, a sister that hated him, a general perception that he was useless because of his dwarfism.

It all spiralled when he was falsely accused of killing his nephew, King Joffrey, and then he did kill his father, Tywin, after being sentenced to death. It’s grim stuff.

Thankfully recent times have smiled favourably upon him, and he is now the Hand of the Queen. What a legend.This supercut, brilliantly edited by The Garo Studios, captures his emotional rollercoaster in three intense minutes.

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