Updated: 26th April 2018

If Tim Burton Had Created Game Of Thrones, It Would Look Like This

If you’re already suffering Game of Thrones withdrawal, then thisseries of images – commissioned by Obsev, drawn by artistXenia Rassolova– might cheer you up.

Imagining what George R.R. Martin’s characters would look like had they been illustratedby Tim Burton, these picturesare really striking:

Here’s Bran Stark:

And his bastard brother Jon:

Then we’ve got Sansa:

(She kind of looks like Merida from Brave).

There’s Tyrion:

And his incestous siblings, Jaime and Cersei:

Here’s Margaery Tyrell:

Daenerys with one of her dragons:

Samwell with a book:

And finally, a white walker, as scary as ever…

Image Credits: Obsev

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