Updated: 23rd April 2018

Here’s your first look at ‘Game of Thrones’ episode 3 ‘The Queen’s Justice’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

It’s the middle of the week, which means it’s time to pore over the latest batch of Game of Thrones photos and figure out what Sunday has in store. Without further ado, let’s take our first look at “The Queen’s Justice.”

First we have Varys and Melisandre facing off on a cliffside all that’s missing are the lightsabers.

‘It’s time for the Lannisters…to end.’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

At what we can safely assume is her first meeting with Jon Snow, Daenerys takes whispered advice from Varys, her own personal Gary from Veep.

‘I asked what conditioner he uses, but they won’t say.’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

Jon arrives by sea, accompanied by the seaworthy Davos Seaworth and a small contingent of soldiers from Winterfell.

This is the warmest Jon has ever been in his entire life.

Image: helen sloan/hbo

Jon is nervous about meeting Dany, but Dragonstone is the only known resource of dragonglass in Westeros and without dragonglass, they’re powerless against the White Walkers.

‘wow she’s hot good thing I’m a Stark’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

Daenerys needs the North on her side, so this meeting is crucial for her, too even if she looks intimidating upon her temporary throne.

‘wow he’s hot good thing he’s not a Targaryen’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

Tyrion looks like he smells something amiss, but he could just be anxious like everyone else that this encounter won’t end in fire and blood.

‘My incest meter is beeping…’

Image: helen sloan/hbo

We see Grey Worm in full battle armor, ready to take Casterly Rock and probably die in the process now that he’s had a single moment of happiness in his horrible life.

Image: helen sloan/hbo

And here’s Little Finger, being Little Finger, and ostensibly trying to backseat-drive Sansa’s temporary rule of the North. Hey Baelish maybe don’t???

you stay away from our girl

Image: helen sloan/hbo

Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” airs Sunday July 30 on HBO.

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