Updated: 22nd April 2018

Gendry From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opens Up About Returning In Season 7

Yes, were still freaking out about the seventh season of Game of Thrones having a delayed start date, but this latest news could bring some much needed optimism for Throners around the globe.

Despite the seemingly universal praise for the sixth season of Game of Thrones, specifically the epic finale, there were plenty of GoT detractors who pointed out the fact the whole Gendry storyline went unaddressed yet again.

As allThroners worth their salt can tell you, Gendry hasnt been seen in Westeros since he got in that row boat in season three.

Clearly, Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry on Game of Thrones, is among those who are praying for a little clarification on Robert Baratheons alleged bastard son and possible rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Speaking on Gendrys return in the final two seasons of Game of Thrones, Dempsie reportedly said,

Im as in the dark as anyone else.

Its a bit of a loose end, and they dont make a habit of leaving them untied and actually as the series has progressed, the more forgotten characters that have returned, the more Gendry sticks out like a sore thumb.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Dempsie apparently revealed hed love to be involved in the conclusion of the HBO series,adding,

Theres a lot of unanswered questions about Gendry and the longer it goes on, the more obvious his absence becomes.

I mean, God, the amount of flippin memes I get sent on Twitter whether theyll bow to that pressure or not, I dont know. But fingers crossed, because itd be lovely to go back.

If youre reading this, David Benioff and DB Weiss, please bring Gendry back to really stir the pot for the final 13 episodes of Game of Thrones.

Even if you bring him back just to kill him, PLEASE let us know hes not still rowing his little heart out in the abyss.


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