Updated: 20th April 2018

Game of Thrones: Will Bran Starks New Ally Spill Jon Snows Secret?

The sixth episode this season confirmed the return of a beloved character who may know the biggest secret about the Bastard of Winterfell. [Warning: Spoilers!]”>

It was a wise move for Blood of My Blood, an unexpectedly merciful hour of Game of Thrones, to ease off misery the week after Hodors heart-wrenching death. True to its title, the episode dwelt mostly on family, as long-lost faces (hello, Benjen) returned to wind up momentum for the clashes to come. 

Jaime is now on his way to Riverrun, for a battle that will pit him opposite Brienne. The treacherous Freys are back, but so is the Brotherhood Without Banners. Tommen has given the Faith Militant more power than ever in Kings Landing. And Bran, whether hes ready for it or not, now knows the entire history of Westeros, including what happened to the Mad King Aerys Targaryenand, as well likely see, Jon Snows real parents.

Benjens return was the hours show-stopping revelation, and a moment of sweet vindication for fan theory enthusiasts whove had the undead Coldhands identity figured out for years. Neds younger brother, a former First Ranger of the Nights Watch, disappeared on an investigative mission north of the Wall shortly after bringing Jon Snow to Castle Black in Season 1. His horse returned riderless and he was never heard from again. Until now.

Fans long suspected that a character dubbed Coldhands, who shows up in Martins A Storm of Swords to save Gilly and Sam from wights, was actually Benjen Starkhence the mysterious characters Nights Watch cloak. (George R.R. Martin has flat-out denied that Coldhands is Benjen, even to his editor, making this another welcome instance of the show tying up loose plot threads the way it sees fit.) 

Not only that, but Benjen and his sister Lyanna were close during her life, before she was kidnapped by Rhaegar (or fell in love and ran away with him, depending on who you believe). If anyone besides Ned ever knew that she actually loved the Targaryen prince, bore his son, and made her dying wish for Ned to hide him from vengeful Robert, it would be Benjen.

Elsewhere in Westeros, the High Sparrow finally succeeded in exploiting King Tommens love of his queen Margaery and leveraged a new, holy alliance between the crown and the Faith. The arrangement makes a kind of superficial sense, at least to Tommen: Its a promise of peace and a reason to spare Margaery the walk of atonement. But while Margaery appears to be playing along for the sake of protecting both herself and her brother, Tommen seems to take the High Sparrow at his word, guided by a new sense of holy purpose. The boy is doomed.

At the Twins meanwhile, another familiar face returned: Walder Frey, the traitor responsible for the Red Wedding. He wheezes and whines about taking back Riverrun from the Blackfish, aka Brynden Tully, uncle to Catelyn and Edmure Tully (whos been a captive of the Freys ever since his bloody nuptials). Coincidentally, both Brienne and Jamie are now headed for Riverrun as wellshe on behalf of the Starks, he on behalf of their enemy, the Lannister-allied Freys. How will the star-crossed ex-travel buddies react to seeing each other on the wrong side of a battlefield?

Over in Essos, Daeneryss story continues to plod along with fire, spectacle, and very little actual progress. After sending Ser Jorah to find a cure for his greyscale, shes reunited with her favorite son Drogon on the way back to Meereenputting her in roughly the same position she was in two seasons ago (different khalasar, bigger dragon, same direction).

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