Updated: 22nd April 2018

‘Game of Thrones’ Twitter data shows how the world reacted to major episodes

The visualisations cover every episode of the show so far.
Image: twitter

LONDON Data is coming. Sweet, sweet, Game of Thrones Twitter data, to be exact.

Last week, Twitter published a blog post announcing their project to explore how each and every Game of Thrones episode has been discussed on their platform.

In short, they’ve released an interactive tool that visualises tweet data from every episode up to Season Six, Episode Six (at the time of writing). Infographics show which characters and factions were the most talked about, which plots received the lion’s share of the attention, and most entertainingly which emoji were most used when mentioning any given character.

Here are some of the infographics from key episodes throughout the show, with spoilers aplenty.

Ned’s death (Season One, Episode Nine).

Image: twitter

Pre-emoji, sadly, but it’s still easy to see from this one just how much conversation poor old Ned drummed up (almost 35% of Thrones tweets mentioned him in Season One, Episode Nine).

The Red Wedding (Season Three, Episode Nine).

Image: twitter

You can see some emoji starting to pop up in this one (understandably the most-used emoji for tweets about Robb are sad faces and broken hearts). The data also provides a flashback as to where all the characters were at that moment in time you can see Arya and Sandor were being mentioned a lot together in tweets, for instance, while on the other side of the map Hodor, Bran and Rickon had their own little cluster.

Joffrey’s death (Season Four, Episode Two).

Image: twitter

Joffrey received a massive 57% of mentions in the episode in which he finally snuffed it. Doesn’t look like people were particularly sad about it, either.

The Mountain Vs. The Viper (Season Four, Episode Eight).

Image: twitter

Oberyn and Ser Gregor pulled in a big share of mentions during their duel, while people were shedding tears for Tyrion (and even good old Eddard was still getting tweeted about, because what is dead may never die).

Jon Snow’s “death” (Season Five, Episode 10).

Image: twitter

The Jon Snow reaction in this one needs little explanation, but it’s worth noting that people had already begun praying for Melisandre to work her magic. The mixed reactions to Cersei’s walk of shame and Stannis’ death are also interesting.

Hodor’s death (Season Six, Episode Five).

Image: twitter

With more than 45% of the mentions, Hodor stole most of the limelight in Season Six, Episode Five. He didn’t manage to take all the way from hot new couple Tormund and Brienne (a.k.a. Tormienne), though.

We’re looking forward to seeing what emoji the show’s last three episodes will bring if we had to guess, we reckon Jon Snow/Ramsay and Cersei/the High Sparrow will be stealing a lot of attention in the coming weeks.

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