Updated: 20th April 2018

‘Game of Thrones’-themed dinner lets you feast like a King (or Queen) of Westeros

There is no de-throning HBOs “Game of Thrones” as a ratings king. Slaying the competition and breaking records on premiere night, Jon Snow and team are now set to surpass an incredible 30 million U.S. viewers (of that premiere alone) across all of the HBOs platforms. Last weeks third episode is holding strong too, with more than 9.2 million viewers.


But “GoT,” as the cultural phenomenon that it is, hasn’t only helped to revive appointment TV it has also sparked a unique cottage industry of related businesses.

From cookbooks to clothing to jewelry to podcasts, “GoT” is reining in a golden age for entrepreneurs.

One such business banking off the show’s popularity is White Gold Butchers in New York City.  Every Sunday since this seasons premiere, White Gold Butchers has offered fans an opportunity to feast like a king while watching the show.

Opening a business is a ’round-the-clock [job] so we figured if we all had to be here [on Sunday nights], we might as well show the show, Jocelyn Guest, co-owner of White Gold Butchers, tells Fox News.

We are a super meaty place, and Game of Thrones is super meaty, so we said screw it, lets make some large-format meat and watch the show, adds Guest.

For $65, fans get the chance to eat a prix-fix three-course meal inspired by the meaty fare on “Game of Thrones,” including hot pies, chicken, and beef on the bone. And forget using a fork there are no utensils in sight. Guests can also slug back some weekly drink specials, like the Shame: aka a bucket of Modelo beer.

Robert Flaherty, the chef at White Gold Butchers, explains how the show’s themes, characters and iconic moments help inspire the weekly menu. [Its] a mix of the high food, which is a lot more refined maybe they do have forks and knives and other things are things you will be eating with your hands, says Flaherty.


The feast is a rousing success, too: Reservations for White Gold Butchers’ weekly feast is already sold out through mid-season, and it’s not hard to see why.

Its very different from how I usually watch it, sitting home on the couch in my pajamas, jokes Meghan, a patron from New Jersey.

When do you get to eat like you’re at Medieval Times with really awesome local meat? adds Guest of the feast’s appeal.

For a look at White Gold Butchers’ weekly “Game of Thrones”-based feast, be sure to check out the rest of the segment in the video above.

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