Updated: 19th April 2018

‘Game of Thrones’ stars are preparing for the end: ‘Im panicked for people’

Image: HBO

We’re trying not to think about it, but at some point we’ll probably have to accept that are only two seasons of Game of Thrones remaining before the show leaves our lives forever and it turns out that the actors are just as anxious about it as we are.

“I know were all feeling it on set,” Liam Cunningham (who plays Ser Davos Seaworth) recently told Mashable. “Youve yet to see the work weve done on Season 7. You guys have two more, we have one more, were one ahead of you and were now in the position where it must be like trying to get off drugs. Were easing ourselves off drugs gently, and the drug is this show.”

Cunningham who has been with the series since the beginning of Season 2 admitted that there’s an urgency in the new installments, both on-screen and behind the scenes.

“Because we know were coming to an end, and [because of] what weve been filming in Season 7 without giving anything away, things are coming to a head, so not only do we feel the passage of time … thats also been reflected in what were shooting,” he teased. “So it can be occasionally a little odd on set; it adds to the work and adds to the tension and we can use it, but Ive never committed to a job like this before, this length of time. Ive got a family on this that Im gonna miss hugely.”

“It doesnt feel like a panic, but Im panicked for people, I think,” agreed Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) of filming Season 7, which just wrapped. “I think, and this is true of Season 6, you can feel that things are coming to a close. Its all getting a bit much. The shows kind of like a pressure cooker … Its just absolute chaos.”

We’re gonna miss these guys.

Image: hbo

“In terms of the pace of it, its been pretty much the same, but theres definitely a feeling of ‘its coming to an end,'” said Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy). “Its kind of crazy. Its sad for us, because were not going to get to hang out as much.”

The actors pointed out that the sense of an ending is exacerbated because Season 7 is shorter than the others, comprised of only seven episodes, instead of the usual 10.

“Im just in awe of how everybodys managing to fit as much as there is into seven episodes, because it doesnt necessarily feel like a normal season, it feels bigger,” Anderson told Mashable at a preview for the upcoming Game of Thrones concert tour, which kicks off February 20 in Minneapolis, Minn.

The actors remained tight-lipped about plot details for Season 7, as they should, but Allen did offer one tease for the new batch of episodes, which will air this summer:

“Its gonna be a crazy season. Its definitely going to blow a lot of peoples minds. Its still the same running theme; characters that havent crossed each others paths before will do, and theyre gonna take it even further this time. People have loyalties that they have to examine.”

Sounds like business as usual in Westeros.

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