Updated: 25th April 2018

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Had A ‘Shamefully’ Awkward Fan Encounter

Some people just have no shame.

On “The Late Late Show” Wednesday night, Cersei Lannister, aka actress Lena Headey, said the reaction has been mixed since she did her infamous walk of shame on “Game of Thrones.” But one fan encounter stands out from the rest. 

The actress told James Corden that she was in the hospital prepping to breastfeed her newborn daughter, and a nurse was giving her a hand. The nurse had already confessed to being a big fan of the HBO show, but then she took it to the next level.

“She came around and sat next to me and squeezed my nipple and went, ‘Shame,'” said Headey.

Headey says the nurse did it one more time before realizing how awkward it was. Embarrassment is coming.

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