Updated: 21st April 2018

Game of Thrones spoilers: how much damage can Ian McShane do?

The actor has angered fans by giving away key plot points ahead of his turn in season six of the fantasy show. But, as he says, its only tits and dragons

Name: Ian McShane.

Age: 73.

Appearance: Sultry and dissolute.

I think I remember him from Lovejoy, Deadwood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sexy Beast, Dallas, Magnum PI, The West Wing , Roots, Grimsby, Coraline, Jesus of Nazareth and Kung Fu Panda. Thats right. File McShane under much-loved British actors who have been in everything and then add Game of Thrones to the list.

I dont remember him in that. Thats because his performance has not been broadcast yet. He plays

Stop! a character who used to be

No spoilers! But how am I going to tell you about him giving away some of the plot of the next series without giving away some of the plot of the next series?

Just try. OK. Well, um, McShane is going to appear for an unspecified amount of time in season six as a character that I cant tell you about. However, he has gone rogue in a number of interviews this month, and basically told everything including what happens to his character, and some big news about a much-loved character from a previous season or seasons.

Thats outrageous. Game of Thrones fans might accidentally discover what happens if they go on to the internet and try to find out. I hope Mr McShane is feeling chastened? He doesnt do chastened. You say the slightest thing and the internet goes ape, he said when questioned on the matter. I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think, get a fucking life. Its only tits and dragons.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in season six. Photograph: 2016 Home Box Office, Inc. Al

How dare he! The Game of Thrones cycle is a majestic vision of political and familial intrigue seen through a defamiliarising veil of magic-realist high fantasy. Only about three-quarters of it is tits and dragons. I doubt youll find he cares. Like his roguish characters, McShane is magnificently tactless. For instance, in the same interview he shared this view on Leonardo DiCaprios Academy Award: Not the finest performance, just him grunting and being raped by a bear. The Oscars are ridiculous.

To be fair, the Oscars are ridiculous. Ssh! Dont give it away.

Do say: Ive heard a rumour that Frodo gets turned into milk by the Amulet of Qwertyuiop.

Dont say: Look, the whole point of high fantasy is to take it very seriously.

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