Updated: 25th April 2018

‘Game of Thrones’ sound designer previews ‘breathtaking’ Season 7

Snow problem
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Everyone involved in Game of Thrones knows better than to reveal plot details especially now that the show has outpaced George R. R. Martins novels but that doesnt stop them from dropping the occasional hint to tantalize and torture us.

At last weekends Con of Thrones convention in Nashville, the shows sound designer, Paula Fairfield, proved that shes almost as skilled in the art of teasing as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, calling Season 7 breathtaking.

During a panel called Bringing Westeros to Life, Fairfield and language creator David Peterson gave fans some insight into their complex jobs and managed to sneak in some Season 7 tidbits while they were at it.

Battle Royale

We already know that Season 7 will feature some epic battles the show reportedly broke a record for the number of stunt performers set on fire in a single scene but we might not be prepared for just how big the season is.

Fairfields job involves creating sound for the weird shit, as she describes it: designing what we hear when we see the direwolves, Daenerys dragons, the White Walkers, Bran’s warging and the shows other fantasy elements.

She admits that the battle at Hardhome was one of her most work-intensive episodes to date, but teases thatll look like childs play this season, many times over there’s a lot of fun stuff this season.

We already know from the Season 7 trailers that well be seeing Danys dragons involved in a full military attack, and that Jon Snow will once again have to face off with the White Walkers at some point, but considering how massive the battle at Hardhome was, its going to take something pretty huge to make that insanity look small by comparison. We can’t wait.

Theres a reason why the White Walkers arent very talkative

The White Walkers weve met so far are generally strong, silent types, and Fairfield says theres a good reason for that. Although she joined the show in Season 3, the White Walkers were introduced in earnest in Season 2, by which point Peterson had already created a specific language for them.

But when the Others started to become more of a presence in the narrative, Fairfield says it quickly became clear that giving them dialogue took away from their menace.

It was demeaning for them to speak a language; they were beyond that. They are omnipotent; they control the forces of nature, she points out.

A man needs no words.

Image: hbo

Thats why, when the Night King does his come at me, bro demonstration for Jon at Hardhome, he only needs to gesture to get his point across. The announcement of their presence feels like the earth could crack in half, and that is their voice and their language, Fairfield says.

Try to decipher this:

Perhaps the most tantalizing clue which could easily be referring to the White Walkers, dragons or direwolves involves Fairfields preparation for Season 8, which is already underway.

There are some amazing things coming, and I am planning them, she teases. Theres some stuff that will be embarked on this season that will become majorly in play next season. I have no idea whats going to happen next season I only know this season so Im starting to build a library of things that I think Ill be using next season. I cannot tell you what it is, but when you see, youll know exactly what I mean.

Could it be the White Walkers finally crossing the Wall and invading Westeros? The suspense is killing us!

As for Season 7, Fairfield offered this parting observation: I cant wait for you to see… Ive been watching the theories and its super exciting that no ones figured it out yet.

Cruel, but also intriguing…

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres Sunday, July 16 on HBO.

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