Updated: 20th April 2018

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Set Infiltrated By Drones, Leaked Online!

Are flying monsters going to ruin season 7 of

In an interview on

Seriously though, as much as we DO want to know what happens, we’d much rather be surprised. And the Onion Knight agrees:

“I’ve seen these cynical critics go, Oh my God, did you see that last week?’ and suddenly the inner child comes out in them because they’ve been outwitted, and they love it. It’s what we pay for. I like it as well, when I am reading the scripts I go, Oh you’ve gotta be shitting me,’ and I love that.”

We do too. If only the show had some kind of airborne defense system that could create adverse temperature conditions for a camera… LOLz!

For everyone trying to film, did you learn nothing from Prince Oberyn? Patience!

Just wait until July 16 like everyone else.

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