Updated: 19th April 2018

Game of Thrones season 6 trailer: here be even more dragons

The show has already premiered in Los Angeles and fans are getting feverish for the shows public debut on 24 April but not even the press knows whats ahead

A select group of very, very lucky people, including the cast and crew, got a chance to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones season six last night at the premiere in Los Angeles. It was the only screening of the show planned for before its public debut on HBO on 24 April. Members of the press arent even being sent copies to review. Details of this season are being held tighter than one of Margery Tyrells corsets.

All we have now is yet another trailer that was released today. According to an Entertainment Weekly review of the first episode (those lucky dogs were invited to the premiere!), most of the footage from the trailers is from the first episode, so there is plenty to come this season that hasnt even been hinted at.

The big takeaways from the trailer seem to be that something is stirring at Castle Black, though it is not Jon Snow, who the powers that be want us to think is really, really dead. Footage of Davos Seaworth talking about the fight of the dead versus the living and the shots of the white walkers assembling their army lead us to agree with him.

Big things are still happening with the war in Kings Landing, though. Jamie Lannister is bringing a battle to the High Sparrow, the religious authority that shamed (shamed, shamed, ding, ding) his sister Cersei in the fifth season finale. She is hellbent on revenge as well, sending her son, the coddled King Tommen, to the front of the battle and putting her Frankenstein champion, the Mountain, into armor.

Things are getting sticky for Tyrion Lannister in Mareen, too. Not only does he have to deal with the continued insurrection of the Sons of the Harpy he also must handle ruling the city while Daenerys Targaryen is being held captive (and stripped of her clothing!) by the Dothraki. Hes also getting right up in a dragons face as its about to breathe fire. Oh, there are so many dragons: flying over a battle, soaring through the sky, threatening Tyrion. Lets hope we get dragons every darn episode.

The Stark girls are having a hard time of it. Sansa, who has escaped to the gods know where, is trying to get back at Ramsay Bolton, her rapist who is now leading an army in the North. Arya Stark is turning into a pint-sized assassin with some serious fighting skills. She still appears to be blind, punished by the master of the House of Black and White in the finale. But he does say that hes going to give her a second chance. Does that mean shell regain her sight?

There are so many questions (who is that beautiful woman that has Tyrion and Varys so concerned?) but luckily we only have to wait two more weeks to get some answers.

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