Updated: 21st April 2018

Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton on His Gory Demise: What a Scumbag

The Welsh actor Iwan Rheon opens up about his death at the hands of Sansa Stark and being one of the most hated characters on television. “>

The evilest man in Westeros is dead.

Ramsay Bolton, the bastard whose unhinged depravity made him the most reviled character on TV, was devoured by his own dogs after losing the battle of Winterfellthe same dogs he used to kill his own stepmother and infant half-brother just a few weeks before.

He made the littlest Stark, Rickon, run for his life across the battlefield before shooting the boy down in cold blood. He killed the Norths last living giant, Wun Wun. He raped Sansa Stark, murdered his own father, and castrated Theon Greyjoy, traumatizing the prince so deeply he nearly forgot his own identity.

As actor Iwan Rheon says, it was time for Ramsay to die.

The 31-year-old Welsh actor who brought countless little smirks to scumbag Ramsays repertoire of cruelty says keeping him alive past the Battle of the Bastards would have been absurd. (Most audiences likely agree.)

You cant really push it any further without him becoming just ridiculous, Rheon says on the phone from London. I think hed kind of reached a peak with all the horrible things he did. He killed like four, five named characters in this season alone, including the last of the giants. Its all a bit depressing, really. What a scumbag.

Rheon laughs self-deprecatingly when describing his turn as Ramsay (ugh, not again, he says he groaned at each scripts description of a new Ramsay atrocity) and sighs wearily at the thought of audiences associating his face with the Bolton bastard in other projectslike his burgeoning music career. I just hope that thats not the rest of my life, he says. Thats all I can say.

The Daily Beast talked to Rheon about who hes rooting for now that Ramsay is dead, what his last words to Sansa meant (he wasnt talking about pregnancy), and his ideal vision for the end of Game of Thrones.

Are you satisfied with the ending Ramsay got? Did it come sooner or later than you thought it would?

I think the guys have got it bang-on, they really nailed the timing of Ramsay. Im satisfied with how he went, I think it came at the right time for the show in terms of moving forward, definitely. So I think in general it was pretty spot-on, yeah.

Ive always figured you must be very proud of having elevated the character to the status of most hated man on TV. What have been some of the moments on the show you were most proud of?

I dunno, its really flattering actually, that people have responded so well to Ramsayor badly, depends how you look at it. But yeah, its a real honor that people consider him in such high regard in a show thats so full of villains. Its really great. Proud is quite an odd question, but you know, there are some scenes that I thought were great scenes on paper. I thought the shaving scene was fantastically written and the dinner party scene, with the Boltons torturing Sansa, and Reeks scenes were brilliantly written. Im just really pleased to have been part of the show, I feel really lucky and Im really grateful and proud to have been part of something thats so great.

How did you read those last few moments of shifting dynamics between Sansa and Ramsay in the last scene? For the first time, she held the power of life or death between the two of them. And he really didnt seem to expect her to be the one to carry out his death sentence.

Yeah, its great for Sansas character and her development. All the horror that shes been through has, on one side, really broken something inside her, but then also made her stronger as a result. Which I think is great; shes a real contender now. Its great that the show has another strong female character to add to the list. Its fantastic, Im really looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop in seasons to come.

A few of Ramsays last words to Sansa, Im a part of you now, echoed what she told Littlefinger about how she can still feel what Ramsay did to her. How did you read those lines?

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What hes saying is that no matter what happens, what hes done to her, very much like what he did to Reekto Theon. Theon will never be able to shake off the horror that hes been through and the mental and physical torture. So in the same way, hes saying to Sansa, Ive put my mark on you now. For the rest of your life, you will always remember the horror of the time youve spent with me. Its a very arrogant thing to say, but its probably quite true. Cause how would somebody forget that? Its just him having one last little stab at being powerful when hes in a position where hes sort of low-status.

A few people have mistakenly interpreted Ramsays line very literally, as if the only thing he could have meant was that shes pregnant.

How the hell would he know that? (Laughs.)

I have no idea.

Thatd be quite a tricky thing for him to tell, I think. Yeah, no, I think thats people reading into it too much.

What was it like filming that last scene opposite Sophie Turner?

It was quite uncomfortable for me more than anything, on a technical level, having all the makeup and all that stuff, all the dirt and the blood. But it was great. Im really glad that last scene was with Sansa. If only Reek could have popped in, but he was busy in other parts of the world. He could have sent a little video message or something at least, couldnt he? No, but it was really great. And that was the actual last scene I shot, so it was kind of fitting.

What was your reaction every time you got a new script that called for Ramsay to do something as horrible as what he did to Theon, Sansa, or Walda?

Ugh, not again! (Laughs.) It gets to the point where youre reading it and youre like, of course hes just fed his stepmother and new baby stepbrother to the dogs. Of course he has, what else was he gonna do? And I think thats another good point as to why I think Ramsays death now [came at] a good time because where else is he gonna go now? You cant really push it any further without him becoming just ridiculous. I think hed kind of reached a peak with all the horrible things he did. Even just in that last episode, he really did reach a peak. He killed like four, five named characters in this season alone, including the last of the giants. Its all a bit depressing, really. What a scumbag.

Thats right, you got to kill a giant before your big exit.

Well the giant wasnt exactly fighting fit, was he at that point? (Laughs.) Kick while hes down!

People recently re-discovered the music video for your bands song Bang Bang and I think the online consensus was that people couldnt help but still see you as Ramsay the unhinged sadist. Is it hard trying to shake off that perception?

Yeah, I mean it is worrying. And its a bit embarrassing really, that people have got that lack of an imagination that they cantbut anyway, whatever. Its just like, ugh, I just hope that thats not the rest of my life. Thats all I can say.

Who are you rooting for now that Ramsays gone and were so close to the end?

Oh, yeah its a tricky one. I kind of think Jon Snow needs to be there at the end because hes probably the only one who is actually honorable. And theres a couple of other contenders. You know, Daenerys, obviously, shes probably the most powerful and if you put your money on anyone, Id put it on her. But she can be a bit mad sometimes and do some crazy stuff. I think Jons a great leader of people and hes got the credentials to certainly emulate his father and at least be Hand of the King or something really important. Maybe to Sansa, who knows.

And whats next for you, career-wise?

Ill do some more music now, I think. Hopefully Ill do some more writing and recording, maybe do some live showswell see what happens. Theres a few other projects in the pipeline that Im trying to sort of fit and organize at the moment. But yeah, hopefully therell be stuff happening and I wont always play a vicious man and people will find it within themselves to have the imagination to possibly see me as something other than Ramsay Bolton.

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