Updated: 20th April 2018

Game of Thrones: is Angela Lansbury heading for Westeros?

The HBO show is rumoured to be adding a dame to the game for series seven. Unlike Ian McShane, the Murder, She Wrote star hasnt given away any plot spoilers yet

Name: Angela Lansbury.

Age: 90.

Appearance: Worlds best grandma.

What, better than mine? By far.

How come? Is your grandma acknowledged as a lovely person with a record of being on the right side of every social argument since the 1940s?

Yes. Is she the granddaughter of the former Labour party leader George Lansbury? Did she get nominated for an Oscar for a film she made with Ingrid Bergman when she was 17?

I dont know. Shed probably have mentioned it. Is she thought to be about to mark her ninth decade in showbusiness with a cameo in Game of Thrones?

I have to admit its unlikely. Game Lansbury! In truth, it wasnt a fair match. She has had basically the best and longest career imaginable, becoming a movie star, then a musical theatre star, then a television star, then a fun old lady.

Dont I remember her from such films as National Velvet, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Manchurian Candidate and Beauty and the Beast? You do. And dont forget Blue Hawaii she plays Elvis Presleys mum.

Ill try not to. So, now shes going to be in Game of Thrones, you say? Well, so says the German newspaper Bild, yes. It claims to have heard a rumour that shes in Northern Ireland filming two episodes of the seventh series.

Oh well, anyone can claim theyve heard a rumour. Lansburys publicist hasnt denied shes doing it, nor has HBO, the maker of the show.

My grandma hasnt denied it, either. Yes, but this is how they announce things on Game of Thrones. First a rumour gets out that a venerable British actor with US recognition is going to appear in the next series. Then everyone talks. Then Ian McShane or Jim Broadbent or whoever is confirmed.

Or my grandma. I think weve established that she lacks the US profile.

Sure. But shes very tactful. Didnt McShane give the plot away and then tell anyone who cared to get a fucking life. Its only tits and dragons? Yes. You dont get that with Angela Safe Hands Lansbury.

Do pitch: During a cruise holiday with friends, Jessica Fletcher arrives on Westeros, where an extremely large number of unexplained murders have occurred.

Dont pitch: Mordor, She Wrote.

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