Updated: 20th April 2018

Game Of Thrones Freed The Penis, And Emilia Clarke Is Thrilled About It

We’ve known for a while thatGame of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke is a big fan of “junk equality”.

Having appeared nude on the show many times herself (most recently in a show-stopping scene that – spoiler alert – saw her emerging from a blazing fire unscathed), she’s often called for the penis to be freed, even telling Conan back in April:

“I think we should get some equal male nudity and female nudityI think it is a discussion that should be had.”

While Game of Thrones frequently shows women’s breasts, there’s rarely a glimpse of a penis. Someone flashed Cersei during her walk of shame, but to be honest, not much else springs to mind.

At least, it didn’t, until Monday’s episode – The Door – in which we got a close-up look at an actor’s c*ck and balls.

(If you want to see it without the shocked face, then go here).

Talking about this full-frontal male nudity with Stephen Colbert, Emilia remarked that “they must have heard me”:

“I did it, so why cant the boys do it?… Junk equality!”

She also explained her decision to not use a body double in her Dothraki nude scene, saying that it was naked and empowering, without being sexual.

Watch her full interview here:

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