Updated: 19th April 2018

Game of Thrones: every possible way Jon Snow could come back from the dead

Is Jon really gone? The internet is awash with theories about our favourite curly-locked bastard child. From blood magic to psychic bonds, here are the best

After Games of Thrones season five finale aired (and wed all stopped screaming obscenities at the TV), the question is Jon Snow dead? quickly became how will Jon Snow come back? (Because hes got to come back, right? Right?)

Not since Sherlock jumped off a roof has the internet had so much sleuthing to do, and it has taken the task very seriously indeed. Here are some of the most prevalent theories for how Jon Snow will evade death. Because what do we say to death? All together now: Not today.

Melisandre will resurrect him

The most common by a long way is that the Red Priestess, who returned to Castle Black with Davos just in time for Jons murder, will bring him back with blood magic. This is by far the most convincing. Her return to Castle Black was way too significant to be a coincidence, or ignored.

Melisandre, however, doesnt seem to be anywhere near as powerful as Thoros of Myr, who has resurrected a character for real in the past. Would she even be up to it? Can she perform magic that powerful without kings blood as an ingredient? She already killed Shireen is there any of the red stuff left for her to get her hands on? (Row, Gendry. Row like your life depended on it!) Even if she doesnt need kings blood, Melisandres pretty big on sacrifice. Dolorous Edd better watch his back.

Jon comes back, but as for his soul…

Beric Dondarrion, last seen in season three, has been resurrected multiple times, but less of him comes back each time. His human side is worn away, and all he remembers is his mission. So might we get a Jon Snow who still wants to take down the White Walkers, but doesnt really remember his family anymore?

Producers David Benioff and and DB Weiss have stressed multiple times that Jon Snow is gone. Does that mean that what returns from death might not be fully Jon any more? Could it mean that, if and when some Starks were reunited, he might not even recognise them? *Sob*

Someone else is inhabiting his body

A popular theory has Jon coming back as something or someone else. Fans of the original books are keen on the idea his body is possessed by Bloodraven, the character who Bran finally met at the end of season four.

With Bran back after a season-long break, the show will be exploring Bloodraven and the world beyond the Wall in even more detail. Is the TV show bringing him into the action now because his storyline is in some way connected to Jon Snows death?Or maybe hes just really keen to get out of that tree.

Jon comes back as Azor Ahai

Does Melisandre believe Jon is the promised one? Photograph: HBO

A key figure in Melisandres religion, Azor Ahai is the mythical hero who once defeated the Others, and is prophesised to return one day. Melisandre had thought that Stannis was the reincarnation of Ahai, but that plan ended in mass slaughter rather than the great victory she predicted. Her sudden interest in Jon Snow in season five could indicate she hopes he could be the promised saviour. Does that mean hes the king destined to triumph in battle that Melisandres been seeing in the fire? All together now: THE KING IN THE NORTH! THE KING IN THE NORTH!

Jon is Ghost

Bran is a warg could his brother be one too? Photograph: HBO

We know Bran is a warg, capable of transferring his consciousness into animals (and even humans). Could his brother Jon be one too? After all, the Stark children all have semi-psychic bonds with their direwolves, and Jon more than most. A popular theory is that he transferred his mind into Ghost at the last second before dying, preserving his soul and his consciousness from the damaging effects of resurrection. Could Jon actually be Ghost now?

Davos is more important than we realise

Davos is in a similar situation to Thoros when he first resurrected Beric, suggests Redditor RedPenguinGaming. He doesnt believe in the Lord of Light and he prayed out of desperation. I think Davos will do the same when he hears about Jons death.

Davos as the ultimate Red Priest? It would be worth it just for the look on Melisandres face. If I were Melisandre, Id be more concerned about what Davos will do when he finds out I killed Shireen. The first episode of season six is called The Red Woman, so Melisandre is clearly going to have an important role to play. That role could just be getting horribly murdered by a grief-maddened Davos.

Hell come back as a White Walker

Season six may well just give us zombie Jon Snow, which, while fun to begin with, will soon get boring. Zombies tend not to have great character development, but it would make sense to the overall theme of the show if Jon became the Ice to Daenerys Fire. He and the Nights King certainly had an interesting staring match when they came face to face in season five. Did he recognise something in Jon? Might he be keen to claim Jon for his army?

Jon rises from the ashes

Could Jon Snow have Targaryen blood? There are various theories about his parentage we wont go into here. But we know Targaryens have a habit of going into a funeral pyre and coming out stronger. We also know that Targaryens arent immune to fire they merely have greater tolerance to it.

But some fans have guessed the Nights Watch might find it trickier to burn Jons body than theyd expect. If he does have Targaryen blood, and he becomes a White Walker, would that make him a double-hard fire-resistant White Walker? Because that would be awesome.

He is both alive and dead

Schrdingers bastard? And you thought The Walking Dead finale was bad. Photograph: HBO

Schrdingers bastard, offers Redditor Drumondo. If Jon really isnt in this season, as Kit Harrington has teased, then Jon will be in that box for quite some time to come. And you thought the Glenn cliffhanger in The Walking Dead was bad. Holding back Jons fate for a whole season might just melt the internet.

Jons back but as Stark not Snow

Stannis offered to legitimise him and make him a Stark, but Jon turned him down in favour of remaining true to the Nights Watch. But, having died, his watch is now over. Does that leave him free to come back as Jon Stark and start taking back the north, one dead Bolton at a time? Is that what the showrunners meant when they said Jon Snow was dead? We can but dream.

Jon is gone and Tormund is the new hero at the Wall

Tormund comes back and kills everyone and wears Allister Thornes skin as a cape and Ollys skin as a hat and declares himself Lord Commander and torches the white walkers with the power of his beard, Redditor Blovski suggests. Now, we know hes not being serious, but damn if that doesnt sound like great TV.

Maybe he just doesnt die

Its just a few stab wounds. Walk it off, Jon. Dont be a baby.

Or maybe he actually is dead

Nah. Thats the craziest theory of all.

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