Updated: 20th April 2018

Fans Think Game Of Thrones Have Hidden A Major Clue In Jon Snows Death Scene

The first episode of Game of Thrones season sixfinally answered the question that we’ve pretty much been asking since the season five finale.

Is Jon Snow dead?

Well, apparently yes. Yes, he’s dead and now we can all stop speculating about it.

Look at the evidence. We saw him, dead. Various characters said he was dead (and vowed revenge) and, besides, his dire wolf Ghost was pretty miserable.If Jon Snow was secretly alive, Ghost would know.

But while we might have accepted that he’s dead, we’renot quite ready to give up on Jon Snowjust yet… Until we’ve seen that body burned, we’re going to believe that he’scoming back.

And we’re not the only ones. The vast majority of fans are also shooting forresurrection, and theories have been popping up left, right and centre. The latest, which a lot of people seem to be running with, concerns evidence left at the scene of the crime.

Take a look at Jon’s blood:

Fans are speculating that it’s sort of dragon shaped, which they’re taking as an indication that Jon is no Snow – he’s actually the secret son ofRhaegar Targaryen (older brother of Daenerys, and therefore “Uncle of Dragons”, if you will).

The theory that Jon Snow is actually Ned Stark’s Targaryen nephewhas actually been going around for a while, but we’ll quickly recap.

You see, Rhaegar kidnapped Ned’s sister (Lyanna Stark), which sparked the war that overthrew theTargaryen dynasty, and put Robert Baratheon on the throne. Rhaegar was killed, along with his father (the “Mad King” Aerys II), his wife (Elia Martell – sister of Oberyn Martell) and his children.

Only Rhaegar’stwo younger, exiled siblings (Daenerys and Viserys) survived.

Once everything had died down, Ned Stark returned to Winterfellwith a baby – supposedly his bastard son – in tow.

Now, suppose Rhaegar had secretly fathered a son with Lyanna. That son (although a bastard) would arguably have a claim to the throne of Westeros, and so there’s a good chance that – had Robert Baratheon known he existed – he would have been slaughtered alongside his Targaryen brothers and sisters.

It’s not too difficult to imagine that – to savethis son of his dead sister – the always moral Ned Stark would have claimed that he – baby Jon – was his own bastard son, and raised him without ever risking telling the truth.

As far as fan theories go, it’s not a bad one, and those that believe itare taking the “dragon shape” of Jon’s blood as evidence that they’re on the right track.

(This isn’t – by the way – a claim that whenever a Targaryen bleeds, their blood congeals into the shape of a dragon. People are treating it more as a subtle clue from the show-runners that Jon is Rhaegar’s son).

OneTwitter account – dedicated to Game of Thrones theories – is also suggesting that the blood forms a dragon, but also a wolf – the sigil of House Stark:

I mean we can kind of see where they’re coming from…

While some might argue that this theory is now redundant: whether Jon is a Snow or a Targaryen is irrelevant, because he’s dead all the same, it actually might give us a clue as to his fate.

You see, when it comes to disposing of his body, his brothers of the Night’s Watch are more than likely going to try toburn him. Jon wouldn’t want to come back as a White Walker, and his last loyal friends will honour this.

But remember what happens when you try to burn a Targaryen?

They’re not exactly flammable…

If Jon isRheagar’s son, thatdoesn’t mean that he’s just going to magically come back to life, but suggesting that he’s a Targaryen at the scene of his death?

We can’t help but think the show-runners haven’t finished with Jon Snow just yet…

Is Jon Snow coming back? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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