Updated: 20th April 2018

Fans aren’t happy that Lena Dunham is joining ‘American Horror Story’


American Horror Storyis about to get wild.

On Twitter Wednesday evening, show creator and producer Ryan Murphy shareda cast announcement: Lena Dunham will be joiningEvan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, and Billy Eichner in the season 7 cast.

SinceGirls wrapped a few months ago, Dunham has mostly made headlines for drama over her dogsso the collaborationis an upgrade in that sensebutAHSfans have been less-than-impressed, to say the least.

“I’ve watched every single AHS, even when the episodes started getting corny af,” one fan tweeted. “What I’m NOT gon do is watch Lena Dunham ANYTHING.”

People on Twitter seemed to sharethe same sentiment.

While Dunham hasn’t tweeted about Murphy’s announcement yet, she did tweet about “internet teens” being “way harsh, Tai” a few hours afterward.

There’s not a whole lot of information yet about what the new season’s theme is, or where (or when!) the characters may be, so this casting announcement is all fans have to work with for the time being.

The new season ofAmerican Horror Story is set to premiere in September.

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