Updated: 20th April 2018

Emilia Clarke on That Game of Thrones Penis: Junk Equality!

The actress who plays the Daenerys Targaryen/Mother of Dragons/Khaleesi has been fighting for nudity equality on the HBO seriesand on Sunday night she (sorta) got it. “>

Theres a new character that was introduced last night on Game of Thrones, and the new character is a penis, quipped Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Monday night. A penis was shown on the show. About damn time, right?

Colberts guest was Emilia Clarke, the fetching British actress who plays Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains and (some say) rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Back in April, Clarke, whos appeared nude on the show several times, told Conan OBrien, I think we should get some equal male nudity and female nudityI think it is a discussion that should be had.

She then added, Free the penis.

Well, Thrones did free the penis in Sunday nights thrilling episode, The Door, only it wasnt exactly sexy. The schlong didnt belong to Jaime Lannister or Jon Snow, but rather an actor playing the late piece of shit Joffrey in a play witnessed by Arya Stark. Not exactly Valyrian steel.

Still, it was a somewhat promising development for Thrones, which has a frustrating penchant for ogling the female body while keeping its men very clothed. And when you do see a penis on Thrones, its usually in an unsexy contexte.g. that gross man that flashed his junk at Cersei during her walk of Shame! Shame! Shame!

So to answer Colberts question, Clarke replied: Well, I think so! I did it, so why cant the boys do it? I think they heard me. Junk equality!

The I did it scene Clarke is referring to came in the previous weeks episode, Book of the Stranger, where her Khaleesi burned an entire hut of khals to the ground, only to emerge from the flames nude and in full-on Queen mode. Clarke later admitted that it was the real thingshe didnt use a body double.

Two weeks agospoiler alertyou brought the hurt to the khals by setting fire to all of them, and then emerging from the fire, since youre fireproofyou emerged with all your clothes burned away, and you could have used a body double, but you decided not to use a body double. Was that important to you? asked Colbert.

Well it justI meanTheres lots of reasons why lots of actors would definitely use a body double, but I did it before in Season 1 and people like to talk about it, so I just wanted to come out and do an empowered scene which wasnt sexual, said Clarke. It was naked, it was strong.

Im kicking ass naked! she added. If you can do it without any clothes, youre a real badass.

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