Updated: 22nd April 2018

Emilia Clarke Is Up For A Lesbian Romance On Game Of Thrones

Warning: this article contains (albeit mild) spoilers from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones (Battle of the Bastards).

Putting the actual Battle of the Bastards aside for a second, the most recent episode of Game of Thrones saw Theon and Yara Grejoy arrive inMeereen, and pitch their idea ofan alliance to Daenerys.

Now, during negotiations, there was some definite flirting between Yara, and the Dragon Queen. Bonding over the fact that both their dads were evil, and that they were both hoping to become Queens, these two (powerful) women definitely shared a couple of stolen glances… Then this happened:

This definitely excited people:

Emilia Clarke – who plays Daenerys – only fanned the flames, telling an HBO special that she was all for a same-sex relationship:

“Theres mild flirtation, which is exciting, to say the least. I mean, get rid of Daario, bring on the ladies. Why not?”

Forget about Brienne and Tormund – this could be the next big Game of Thrones relationship…

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